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Taste of Knowledge.

NGO Creative Station is starting the implementation of the Erasmus+ project “Taste of Knowledge.”

Taste of Knowledge Project: Fostering STEM Education Through Culinary Arts

The “Taste of Knowledge” project is an innovative educational initiative designed to enrich the learning experiences of secondary school students across Europe. This project uniquely integrates cooking, intercultural education, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), aiming to develop life skills, promote healthy eating and sustainability, and inspire active European citizenship.

European Context and Relevance

Addressing the challenges of waning interest in STEM subjects among youth, this project introduces a creative blend of culinary arts with STEM education. It fosters a sense of European identity and cooperation, making it highly relevant in the current educational landscape.

Objectives and Goals

The primary objectives include enhancing life skills, encouraging sustainable and healthy eating habits, and motivating students to be engaged European citizens. The project also provides educators with essential resources such as a teacher’s manual, lesson plans, and an online course to effectively implement the program.

Target Group

The project focuses on secondary school teachers and students (ages 14-18), equipping
educators with innovative teaching methodologies and engaging students in interactive

Detailed Activities

The project comprises four main Work Packages (WPs):

  • WP1 – Project Management, Dissemination, and Meetings: This involves the overall management and coordination of the project, ensuring effective communication and dissemination of project outcomes.
  • WP2 – Content Development and Preparation of the Online Course: Focused on creating educational content and an online course, blending culinary arts with STEM education.
  • WP3 – Development of Teacher Training: This package is dedicated to developing training materials and programs for teachers, enhancing their skills to deliver the project’s curriculum effectively.
  • WP4 – Local Pilot Implementation Activities: Implementation of the project in local contexts, allowing for real-world testing and refinement of the educational modules.



Expected Results

The project is expected to significantly impact students’ lives and the broader community positively, offering an engaging and multifaceted approach to education.

Resources and Funding

Spanning from November 2023 to September 2024

Partners and Coordination


  • Lyceum Ogólnokształcące z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi Fundacji Szkolnej, Warsaw, Poland


  • GAZIANTEP ANADOLU LISESI, Gaziantep, Turkey 
  • Kreativna Stanica, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Better Future poslovno svetovanje Ksenija Strazisnik, Šalovci, Slovenia

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