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BeYou - Empowering Young Women Through Natural Beauty

Through its activities and goals, the “BeYou” project directly contributes to achieving European priorities in the fields of youth education, media literacy, and inclusion.

BeYou - Empowering Young Women Through Natural Beauty

In a world where media often dictates unrealistic beauty standards, our project stands as a beacon of change for young girls aged 14-18. We aim to cultivate self-esteem, promote a positive body image, and enhance mental well-being by advocating for the appreciation of natural beauty. Our mission is to challenge and transform the artificial beauty norms perpetuated by the media, fostering a culture where a healthier and more realistic perception of beauty prevails.

European Context and Relevance

Through its activities and goals, the “BeYou” project directly contributes to achieving European priorities in the fields of youth education, media literacy, and inclusion. This project not only empowers individuals on a personal level but also contributes to broader social and cultural development within the European Union, making it an exceptionally relevant and valuable initiative in the current European context.

Objectives and Goals

The goals of our project are to empower young women (14-18) through self-confidence, promote natural beauty as an alternative to conventional standards, educate about media influence, and build a supportive community for self-acceptance.

Objectives include developing tools for youth workers, launching the “BeYou Bite-Sized Knowledge” platform for education about natural beauty and media pressures, and conducting social media campaigns to promote diversity and natural beauty.

Target Group

Direct Target Group:
Youth Workers are central to the “BeYou” project, aimed at equipping them with tools to foster young women’s natural beauty appreciation, media literacy, and emotional intelligence. This prepares them to effectively guide young women, enhancing the project’s reach.

Indirect Target Group:
Young girls and women, aged 14-21, benefit from the project’s educational efforts, learning to critically navigate social media and counteract negative beauty standards.


  • Parents and Guardians: Support and educate on natural beauty and mental health.
  • Mental Health Professionals: Use project resources for supporting young women.
  • Media Experts: Advocate for natural beauty and critical media engagement.
  • Community: Engage in promoting healthy beauty standards.
  • Policy Makers and Local Authorities: Develop policies for media literacy and youth empowerment, benefiting societal well-being.

Detailed Activities

The project comprises four main Work Packages (WPs):

  • WP1 – Project management, dissemination and project meetings
  • WP2 – Content development and preparation of the BeYou learning materials
  • WP3 – Development of BeYou train the trainers programe
  • WP4 – Local implementation activities

Expected Results

  • Training: We’ll teach youth workers how to help young women grow emotionally and socially.
  • Tools: We’ll make a toolkit to ensure everyone mentors in a consistent, high-quality way.
  • Community: We’ll build a network where mentors and participants can keep sharing ideas and tips for a long-lasting impact.

Resources and Funding

The project is being implemented from January 2024 to December 2024.

Partners and Coordination

Coordinated by Střední zdravotnická škola a Vyšší odborná škola zdravotnická, Plzeň, the project includes partnerships with NGO Casa Eslava, Barcelona, Spain, Konak Cinarli Mesleki Ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi, Izmir, Turkiye, NGO Kreativna stanica, Belgrade, Serbia.

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