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Specializing in School Leadership & Creativity in Education Projects

Creative Station is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to foster sustainable development in Serbia and the Southeast Europe region through action in local community actions, creative and innovative education, pedagogy, cultural heritage, childhood education, and social responsibility, as well as through activities contributing to the overall development of civil society. Our team, composed of educators, school managers, and pedagogical experts with decades of experience, serves all ages and vulnerable groups.

We work directly with education institutions in Serbia and in other parts of Europe. We cooperate with number of students, parents, and education professionals.

We Have Been Actively Engaged in Education for Years

In terms of developing educational initiatives, we have a lot of expertise. We are delighted to share our expertise.

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How to Set Up Your Own Creative Station?

As the Creativity Center, our mission is to inspire and empower educational leaders to unlock their creative potential and create extraordinary learning experiences for students. We are passionate about cultivating an environment where creativity is supported and encouraged within school leadership.

By providing coaches, consultations, and innovative programs, we equip educators with the tools they need to design creative solutions that will have a lasting impact on the world around them.

Join us in transforming education by inspiring creativity and innovation in leading classrooms!

Our Team

Our team is made up of experienced professionals with various backgrounds that share a passion for education.

Director, Teacher

Aleksandra Prokopijević

  • Literature, new pedagogy, school leadership, VET education, media literacy

She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš, the Department of Serbian Language and Literature. She gained many years of experience in primary and secondary schools, as well as at the Military Academy in Belgrade. She is the author and implementer of several projects in education: “School Workshops” within the pilot phase of the School Development Planning of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia and the World Bank, “School Window”.

She is the author and coordinator of accredited programs for professional development of Serbian language and literature teachers: “Creative workshops in the teaching of Serbian language and literature” and “Theater alphabet”. At the High School for Information Technologies in Belgrade, she worked as an assistant and deputy director of the school since its inception, and from June 2019 to August 2022, she was the director of the school. He is the implementer of the training for teachers called Project-oriented teaching. He is the author of several educational films, school plays and many humanitarian actions.

Aleksandra have a strong experience in implementing eTwinning and Erasmus+ K1 and K2 projects.


Jelena Miloševič

  • Creativity, design, public space, kids architecture

Jelena is a renowned architect with a passion for creating functional, sustainable, and beautiful public spaces. With over 15 years of experience in the field, Jelena has a proven track record of designing and delivering high-quality projects that enhance the lives of the communities they serve.

Jelena received her professional degree in architecture from University of Belgrade, and began her career working on a variety of residential and commercial projects. However, Jelena soon realized that her true passion lay in the design of public spaces, and began to focus her efforts on creating vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive environments for all to enjoy.

Over the years, Jelena  has worked on a wide range of public space projects, including parks, plazas, civic centers, and more. Jelena is known for her  ability to seamlessly integrate natural elements into her designs, and for her focus on creating spaces that are functional inclusive and beautiful.

In addition to her work in the field, Jelena is also a dedicated  educator, and has organise architectural workshops for childrens. Jelena  is a regular speaker at industry events and conferences, and her work has been featured in numerous publications.

Today, Jelena continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in public space design, and her work continues to inspire and delight people from all walks of life.

PR Manager

Slađana Maksimović

  • Communicology, Public Relations, art, culture, media and marketing

Graduated in journalism at the Faculty of Culture and Media in Belgrade and currently preparing her master’s thesis in Communicology at the Department of Culture and Media Management.

For many years she has been the initiator and organizer of many creative workshops for elementary school students aged seven to fourteen.

She gained great experience working for six years as a PR and assistant director on the development and implementation of plans and goals for the department of one of the leading fashion agencies in Belgrade at that time. Slađana also worked as a journalist and content creator for one of the biggest sports Web portals in Croatia.

Now she writes reports and columns about culture and art for one Regional Magazine.

Defectologist – Oligophrenologist

Teodora Stojkovac

  •  Work with children with special needs, Pedagogy, New technologies

Graduated from the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation in Belgrade. She worked as a personal companion for a boy with developmental disabilities. She worked in several special elementary schools. He has work experience in working with children with different degrees of impairment: autism, Down’s syndrome, ADHD, multiple impairments….Graduated from the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation in Belgrade.

She worked as a personal companion for a boy with developmental disabilities. She worked in several special elementary schools. He has work experience in working with children with different degrees of impairment: She attended numerous seminars and trainings. Some of them are: “Marte Meo – a natural stimulus to development”, “Pedagogical method of Maria Montessori and its application in educational work”, Difficulties in learning and behavior in kindergarten and school – Disharmonious development in children”, “Visual strategies for the development of communication and socialization in children with disabilities from the autism spectrum”, “NTC and early musical stimulation”, “Neuropsychology in school – diagnosis and good practice of approach to children with developmental disabilities”.autism, Down’s syndrome, ADHD, multiple impairments.


Aleksandra Jovanović

  • New technologies, Inclusion, Innovations in teaching, Protection of children from violence

She is a school pedagogue and has been working as a professional associate at the school for several years. During her work, she participated in several projects and completed several trainings related to pedagogical work with children. She participated in the making of the film with the students and created a brochure for students and parents. Aleksandra has the experience of participating in several Erasmus+ projects related to new technologies in education.


Zorica Vujić Čabro

  • Inclusion, Protection of children from violence, Health, Aesthetics

Graduated from the Faculty of Media and Communications, majoring in psychology. Zorica started her education in Family Psychotherapy. She has specialist education in the field of make-up and cosmetics. Many years of work in the teaching of professional practice in a secondary medical school on courses in the field of Aesthetic Care.

Participated in the project “Professional School for Aesthetics, Style and Body Culture” and “Anton Skala” Primary School for Developmentally Disabled Children. The project was related to the training of developmentally disabled primary school students in hygiene habits, basic aesthetic procedures and manual massage and relaxation techniques.

Graphic and web designer, lecturer

Danijela Grujić

  • Graphic and web design, Photography, Visual communication, Digital literacy

She completed her undergraduate and master’s studies at the University of Vocational Studies for Information Technologies, computer multimedia study program. From 2015 to 2023, she worked as a teaching assistant at the school where she studied, on subjects in the fields of graphic and web design, branding and 3D modeling. In addition to teaching activities, she was involved in numerous projects and workshops, such as: coordinator of the Creative Laboratory and Wine Routes of Serbia projects, organizer of the ITS Photo Club, lecturer at the IT Fest, author of several blogs on the school’s website…

She held various trainings and workshops for teachers and students from other schools. She gained rich experience as a graphic and web designer working for several domestic and foreign companies (Đorđija DOO, Santamed DOO, Lešnik Pro, Only Sun Energy…). In addition to the above skills and knowledge, Danijela is well versed in areas related to Internet security and digital marketing.

English language and literature professor

Helena Milošević Momčilov

  • New pedagogy, active lifelong learning

Graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. She has experience in working with young children, preschoolers, and primary school students. As one of the authors and implementers of ‘’Wiser together’’ project in primary school, she gained Europass certificate in Bologna. Project-based learning and active learning are the focus of her research work. The project was approved within Erasmus + and was based on implementing interdisciplinary project-based learning and fostering entrepreneurial mindset with primary school students.

She is an author and lecturer of two accredited programs for professional development of teachers in Serbia, one dealing with active lifelong learning and the other with the problems of peer pressure and online bullying. Considering informal education, she has got a two-decade long experience in individual language lecturing, dealing with adult students of various occupations, such as doctors, sportsmen, teachers in different fields, pilots, drivers, and traders. Supporting the principles of lifelong learning, she possesses certificates of informal learning in the fields of Project Management, SEO check, Copywriting and HR management.

MSc chem. associate at the department of chemistry and biochemistry

Tanja Bijelić

  • Creative teaching, ecology, modern technologies

Completed basic and master’s and enrolled doctoral studies, which are in progress, at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Belgrade. she gained her  first work experience in the Anaheim laboratory as a final year student where she  was involved in the analysis of general purpose items, water analysis, as well as work on ICP-OES and HPLC. During my studies, she did volunteer work in the BASF Kid's lab and the Open Laboratories of the Faculty of Chemistry. She  has  been a member of the Republican Commission for Chemistry Competitions since 2016.

After completing her  studies, she worked at the Serbian Chemical Society, where she gained a lot of experience and attended numerous conferences and seminars, such as the 7th Eurovariety and Envirochem international conferences. From 2017 to 2022,she worked at ITHS as a chemistry teacher. In addition to teaching,sheI also actively worked on projects, and I gained special  experience working on Erasmus and eTwinning projects. Within these projects,she was involved in climate change research as well as the causes that lead to climate change; Water pollution, diseases and infections that can be caused by polluted water; Production and recycling of electronic devices; Biochemical processes that occur in the human body during certain efforts.

While working on projects, She visited many factories and laboratories, which additionally contributed to her  work experience and new knowledge. Since March 2022, she  has  been employed at the Scientific Institute of Veterinary Medicine of Serbia in the laboratory for chemistry, biochemistry and drug testing to check the quality and safety of food and animal feed.