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A Living Dream - Agrarian Learning Model in Primary School

Creative Station proudly announces the commencement of the implementation of a new KA220 Erasmus+ project titled “Living Dream – Model of Agricultural Learning in Elementary School.”

A Living Dream - Agrarian Learning Model in Primary School

The vision of the Erasmus+ project A living dream – Agrarian learning model in primary school is to empower primary school students with patience,perseverance and environmental awareness through an engaging Agrarian learning model that makes knowledge useful in everyday life. The reasoning for the project is based on the growing need for sustainable education and the development of key competencies among primary school students.

European Context and Relevance

Project is based on the growing need for sustainable education and the development of key competencies among primary school students.Research shows that many students lack the skills necessary to adapt to a rapidly changing world and that the education system needs to be restructured to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Objectives and Goals

The objectives of the project are to promote sustainable literacy and environmental responsibility among primary school students through an innovative agrarian learning model. The project aims to develop key competencies among students, provide practical resources for teachers to incorporate sustainable development in their lessons, and facilitate the exchange of best practices and experiences across partner countries.

Target Group

The project focuses on primary school teachers and students aged 8-12 years old.

Detailed Activities

The project comprises four main Work Packages (WPs):

  • WP1 – Project Management: This involves the overall management and coordination of the project, ensuring effective communication and dissemination of project outcomes.
  • WP2 – Booklet with good practices & Gap analyses: Development of a booklet that includes good practices for sustainability education and competences of primary school students and gap analysis. This goal aims to respond to the identified need to improve the literacy and key competencies of primary school students related to sustainable development and environmental responsibility.
  • WP3 – Agrarian Model Training Program for teachers: Developing a training program based on the Agricultural Learning Model (ALM) for teachers (pre- and in-service) to improve environmental awareness and sustainability literacy, in line with the project’s goal of promoting sustainability in education.
  • WP4 – LTT and Mobility: Providing an opportunity for teachers and students to experience and learn about the indifferent cultural contexts of the Agrarian Learning Model (ALM), while also sharing and exchanging their own cultural experiences with their peers.
  • WP5 – Online Educational Resource: Development of digital training content using a bite-sized model for self-motivated nature learning for students. Provide primary school teachers with high-quality teaching materials on sustainability education through an open access online educational resource.
  • WP6 – Exploitation and Multiplier events: Project partnership has developed new dissemination methods based on new ways of communication, similar to content marketing, which precisely targets the group we are developing the project results for. Reaching a wider audience is essential to building a community around a project topic in different stages. More importantly, every stage has another message to be sent if we want that target group to grow with our educational messaging.

Expected Results

We expect our project to have several results and outcomes, including increased environmental awareness and sustainable literacy among primary school students, the development of key competencies through experiential learning and cross-curricular approaches, the creation of an e-learning resource for teachers, and the exchange of best practices and resources across partner countries to improve the quality and relevance of education and training offerings in Europe.

Resources and Funding

The project is being implemented from November 2023 to October 2025.

Partners and Coordination

Coordinated by UNIVERSIDAD DE OVIEDO in Spain, the project includes partnerships with Ragina Ltd Bulgaria, Ruse, SMART IDEA Igor Razbornik s.p. Slovenia, Salovci, Kreativna Stanica, Serbia, Belgrade,  Osnovno uchilishte “Nikola Obretenov” Ruse, Bulgaria and YOUTHFULLY YOURS SK Slovakia, Nizny Klatov.

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